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          Thailand is a country which is located in Southeast Asia in the tropical zone. Many species of Hoya have their origin in Thailand. There are about 40 species that have been found there up to now. However, we hope to discover more in the near future.

           In Thailand, you can find Hoya in the wild from North to South and East to West. Some of them grow in high altitude on top of mountains such as the Hoya engleriana, Hoya fusca, Hoya lyi, and Hoya thailandica, the lastest specie, which was discovered recently by Dr. O.Thaithong. This group of hoya is hard to grow in Bangkok where the altitude is low and the temperature is high . But some are found in the lowland forest such as Hoya parasitica, Hoya lacunosa, Hoya coriacea and etc. They can grow well in Bangkok and bloom year after year.

          The species which have been found and have been recorded until now are at the following list. You can see their pictures and descriptions by clicking on their name.

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  • Hoya bella
  • Hoya caudata
  • Hoya coriacea
  • Hoya coronaria
  • Hoya curtisii
  • Hoya diversifolia
  • Hoya elliptica
  • Hoya engleriana
  • Hoya erythrina
  • Hoya erythrostemma
  • Hoya finlaysonii
  • Hoya flagellata
  • Hoya fusca
  • Hoya globulosa
  • Hoya graveolens
  • Hoya kerrii
  • Hoya lacunosa
  • Hoya lasiantha

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