Thai  Wild Orchids     





        Thailand is the home of many beautiful wild orchids by world standards, spreading in every region with variety of species depending on its origin and how far above sea level. Now we found nearly 1,200 species of wild orchids throughout the country , mostly above 500 m. above sea level, including approxiamately 170 endemic species. More than 200 species are unique in the form, size, color duration or scent of the flowers.

          Most wild orchids bloom only once a year. There are quite differences between wild orchids and cultivated orchids, particularly in sizes, shapes, and colours. Some of their blooms are not impressively to the market, so not too many people raise them except the enthusiasts of wild orchids who truly love their natural looks.

          The pictures of orchid are shown here have been photoed from my collection. Almost of them are collected from the wild. I think a lot of them look interesting for study and conservation. You can found their photos by clicking on the genus of orchids that you interest in, on the left side columm.




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