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          This website is made for presenting the knowledge and picture of some Hoyas to visitors. All of photos in this website were taken from my collection. So, it must use more times to add the picture in here. Anyway, I will update it frequently, please check back to see it often. Also, I have included the section of Thai Hoya species to promote it better known. And the section of exchange area for someone who need to exchange the plant.

          I would like to thank Dr.Oobchan Thaithong and Mr.Chanin Thorut who advised and helped me to give some data and description in this homepage too.

          Finally, I would like to thank all visitors who come to see my website and hope that some of the charms of these Hoyas may have already touched your heart and fascinated you with their forms and colors. If you have any comment, please do not hesitate to let me know by sending e-mail to my address at

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