Hoya parasitica  Wall. ex Traill


          H.parasitica can be found from India to Indo-China Peninsular and Indonesia. It found growing in lowland to mid-altitude forests in every parts of Thailand. It is a strong climber and can grow very rapidly. The leave is fleshy, elliptic, elliptic ovate or ovate with cuneate base, 10 cm long by 4 cm wide. The peduncle is about 3-5 cm long. The umbel is negatively-geotropic and has about 10-40 flowers. The flower is waxy about 1 cm in diameter and has all white, white with carmine in center to nearly all carmine in color. When it blooms, its fragrance is very intense, especially at night.

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I think it is one of hoya that is a easiest to grow and will reward for blooming in the bright to direct sunlight.