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home.gif (4278 bytes)        Information & Pictures
  • The Hoya Page by The Hoya Society International
    - There are some description and a lot of hoya picture.
  • Ohh Yeah Hoya! by Edward Gilding
    - A lot of picture with description about hoya.
  • Hoyas by Michael Miyashiro
    - A lot of nice picture with some information
  • Hoya in Hawaii by Michael Miyashiro
    - Top Ten Favorite Hoyas in Hawaii with description
  • Hoya photographs from Michael Miyashiro
    - A lot of picture
  • Hoya! Hoya! Hoya! by Magdi
    - A lot of picture, the exchange area and website link.
  • East Asian Flora and Tropical Plants Hoya by Lup San
    - A lot of picture with description
  • Asclepiads by Iztok Mulej
    - Some Hoyas picture with a lot of relative plants

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