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Hoya nummularioides  Costantin


H.nummularioides, this plant comes form the forest in northeastern of Thailand. The plant has woody stem about 2-3 mm in diameter and so thick if compare with the leaf. The leaf is about 1 inch long by 1/2 - 3/4 inch wide, fleshy, yellowish green color and quite rough on the upperside. The flower looks like small flower of H.carnosa, white corolla with pink in the center of corona, 7 mm. in diameter. The flower is blooming in rainy season about August to October. When it bloom, there are peduncles almost of all node and the flowers will be opened a lot in the same time. The fragrance of this plant is very gorgeous and nice. It is one of interesting compact hoya with a small prettiest and loveliest flower.

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